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Project Consultancy

2021–2023: Consultancy in EU Project focusing on Deepening Grassroot women’s Rights, Participation, and Economic Livelihoods in the era of Expanding Oil and Gas Extraction and Covid – 19 Pandemic covering 3 oil districts namely Buliisa, Hoima and Kikuube in Bunyoro region, Western Uganda. The consultancy work included a baseline survey, action oriented research on women livelihoods and trainings.

September- November 2019: Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL)

Consultancy work in Capacity Assessment and building:

Organisational capacity assessment of UYDEL was carried out with a view to strengthen the organizational capacity: UYDEL was enabled to create lasting change. People at all levels of the organization were made to understand how to improve effectiveness and efficiency in a sustainable manner and with their input, performance gaps were addressed and directed to focus on their overarching goal. The capacity building consultancy helped UYDEL adopt cutting-edge techniques in many things from management to delivering value to their clients and Ugandan society at large. The consultancy enabled UYDEL to build up the experience and good stewardship of funds necessary to pursue other funding opportunities premising on sustainable pillars.

May-August, 2019: Christ Mission Prosperity Church (CMP)

Consultancy work in Institutional Strengthening:

Supported the church leaders come up with a ten-year strategic plan whereby key leaders were encouraged to learn by doing—and then reflecting on their actions. Throughout the institutional strengthening activities, the church leaders achieved long-term outcomes by owning the planning process. Active engagement, critical analysis, self-reflection, and respectful collaboration to ensure all changes are sustainable was effectively promoted. Resultantly, a Strategic Plan was made, leaders were trained, sustainable pillars were planted and a new development direction attained.

 January-March 2019: Children First Uganda (CFU), the UK based Charity Organisation

Consultancy work with the CFU: Technical support to the charity based in the UK to improve their service delivery to partners in Uganda. The support included redefining the changes they needed to make, develop a plan to achieve those changes, and put their plans into action. Helped CFU to shift their organizational culture toward continuous improvement, strategically pursuing their missions and adapting to changing environments and positively affecting the system and communities within which they operate. The process helped to strengthen the organizational systems and build capacity of staff.January-March, 2018: Consultancy work with Catholic Relief Services: Reviewing the Existing Policies, Guidelines, and Standards in light of institutional strengthening for Foster Care and making appropriate recommendations: Developing Linkages to Temporary Foster Care in Uganda.

December 2017; Facilitated at an international conference on the nexus between natural resources exploitation and human rights organized in the Sahrawi camps in Tindouf province in Western Algeria.

September-October, 2017: Working with Free Lunch for Children and later with BINANCE Charity Foundation, the Chinese charity Organizations to identify schools to benefit from the Free Lunch Program and assisting poor communities to enhance food security systems to ensure food supply to schools in a sustainable manner.

April, 2017: Consultancy work for Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL) to carry out a Baseline Study on the Dynamics of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in Kampala and Wakiso Districts

February 2017: Consultancy for Pan African Club in developing a petition which was presented to the Parliamentary Committee on Science and Technology seeking amendments to the GMO Bill.

December 2016: Trained 360 young women to appreciate dynamics of Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) and over 30 staff on how to manage CSEC victims and mentor them to be successful in life. I was contracted by UYDEL in their DREAM project.

September- October, 2016: Working with the Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL) to effectively establish Youth centers in 6 Districts of Uganda to support young people learn skills and avoid falling victims of CSEC. To date over 600 young girls are benefiting from this program.

September, 2016: Worked with the UK organizations on foster care and finally came up with a new initiative called Fostering Community a new Community based Care initiative/innovation.

August, 2016:  Facilitated at one-week training workshop organized by Terre des Hommes (TDH-NL) to train her partners in Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC).

February 2015: Main Facilitator for the high-level meeting of MP and Civil Society Leaders on Early Childhood Development organized by UNICEF together with the National Council for children.

June-September, 2014: Supporting Uganda Youth Development Link (UYDEL) to develop Guidelines for supporting Child Victims of Trafficking in Uganda.

2013-2014: Consultancy of Youth Leadership Project implemented by Pan Africa Club The project primarily focused on oil and gas impacts on the community especially the youths. Brand Scape provided technical support and facilitated at a National Youth Conference on Oil and Gas organized by Pan African Club in 2013 at Grand Imperial Hotel in Kampala. This conference was attended by all Youth Members of Parliament, key CSOs leaders key national youth leaders, university student leaders and many famous human rights activists and all key national media houses.

July-September, 2013: Child Protection Training in Sembabule District: Trained Senior District officials including Police Officers in Child Protection with support from Sunrise, Makerere University, and Ministry of Labour.

May-November, 2012: Trainer in Child Protection with Makerere University, department of Social Worker and Social Administration. Brand Scape worked with Makerere University as a Consultant to train Community Development Officers and Uganda Police Officers in different districts in Uganda in Practice Oriented Child Protection Course of Makerere University.

June-October, 2012: Capacity Building and institutional strengthening for Katalemwa Cheshire Home Staff.  Brand Scape supported Katalemwa staff to come up with a clear Strategic Plan 2013-2017, Human resource Manual, Financial Manual, Salary Scale and Context Analysis.

May-September, 2011: Lead Consultant West Buganda Diocese: Coming up with a Ten-Year Strategic Plan (2012-2021) for the Diocese and training Church Leaders on how to trickle down the process to Parishes. The process involved four components of capacity building; institutional development, financial resource development, human resource development and effective resource management.

May-June, 2011:  Consultancy for the Evaluation of Uganda Youth Development Link Child Protection project and staff performance appraisal

February, 2011: Consultancy for a mid-term evaluation of the on-going two-year Equity for Health project that is the 7 districts of Pallisa, Lira, Budaka, Kiboga, Kamwenge, Ntungamo and Mbarara .   The project was run by Coalition for Health Promotion and Social Development (HEPS-Uganda)

February- March 2010: Consultancy work for the Great Lakes Initiative on AIDS (GLIA) and National Forum for People Living with HIV/AIDS Networks and Associations in Uganda (NAFOPHANU): Carried out a study on Child Trafficking in Eastern Uganda.

February 2010: Consultancy work NAFOPHANU: Working with the NAFOPHANU staff and members to come up with a Strategic Plan for the Forum.


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